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Job Search Coaching

“When it comes to searching for a job you need to see things from the perspective of a recruiter…”

Did you know that applying for advertised jobs online is one of the least effective methods for finding work? However, when I work with job seekers it’s so often the case that the main way they’ve been trying to get a job (and quite often the only way) is through applying for roles online (over and over again). This method of job seeking typically leads to feelings of frustration and resentment and thoughts occur such as: ‘I’ve sent out so many applications, why hasn’t anyone got back to me?’ or, ‘I’ve applied for hundreds of jobs how can I possibly still be unemployed!’ Does this sound familiar?

In the recruitment world these candidates are called ‘serial applicants’ – and it’s not a good look. Shooting out applications all over the place means your approach will likely not be tailored each time (as it should be). It also suggests to recruiters that there’s a lack of clarity about what job is really suitable for your skills and experience.  

When it comes to searching for a job you need to see things from the perspective of a recruiter. Currently they’re faced with record low unemployment and so good candidates are hard to find. As such, recruiters have had to become smart, agile and strategic when it comes to sourcing staff. They’ve had to shift away from the old-fashioned method of posting a job advert online and waiting for the responses to come flooding in; now, their focus is on proactively sourcing potential candidates. So what does this mean for you? It means that you need to operate in the same way as recruiters operate; if you know they’re spending more time proactively headhunting candidates than posting jobs online then your mission must be to get found.

Applying for advertised jobs is no longer enough. You need to adopt the methods which will heighten your visibility in the market and showcase your expertise. This is where I can help you. Each job search strategy is unique as it must be tailored to the industry being targeted in conjunction with individual circumstances, skills and experience.

I have helped hundreds of job seekers devise personal job search strategies with success. In my experience landing a job is a multi-pronged approach – you need outstanding marketing materials (including a CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile), a solid job search strategy and a strong ability to sell yourself in interview. Each of these strategies in isolation is often not enough. 

If you’re feeling frustrated at having no success with your job search get in touch. Together we can work out a plan that will be uniquely devised to your personal situation. 

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